Celestial Maps of a Novice Mystic

Jupiter will be looming today, luminous as if an asterism in the freezing navy night the dark pathways on which the gemsbok run streaming startling the cerulean rock garden of the celestial gods. You will be mired in pools of forming velvet as dicrotic gemmas breathe for you omitting space in the sliding gesture of the phosphorescent ocean. The suspension in liquid space though buoyant will not reflect on your character even as it floods back to your overindulged self-improvement project.

You might think that by giving yourself boundaries you will give yourself more discipline, but Saturn is at large. This month you will find yourself slowly swimming toward the emerald horizon out of which gazelles drift, traversing the bright turquoise while luxuriating on a flaring star. The dazzling unapproachable perception of their inner dusk grounds them barely visible in the indistinguishable aurora of your best intentions.

Before getting hooked into any premium esoteric video chat community, give yourself a moment to evaluate your position. At this time, it is important to realize that you are illumined by the vaporous mysticete that traverses the night sky listening discreetly to the sounds of universal anastomosis, so the interstellar cloud of gas and dust will allow you to drift through the black flowerbeds irrespective of any low self-esteem.

Today, it looks like you will finally be able to close the door on past issues as the warm rose of the emerald dark falls into the sea leaving the limen of your earthly tensions to memory and washing stars into slate-ocean. Since you are the one in control of your life, the purple flowers of dawn will accompany you across the unnamed shore of a future realm in which your heart-lake will open to its own purity.

There is no reason for you to be afraid to step into a new world today. The night has not yet occurred so the water is warm enough to produce vast stripes of streaming lights which will glitter across the lungs of the exquisite sky gods. Without forgetting to attend to your own inner compass, allow yourself to appear in the same golden rose of flaring stars and watch lumionous ctenophores swim past until the vivid surroundings eclipse your own small sense of self.

Be ready to make a compromise today, as the golden aureole hanging in the May sky grows brighter. If your actions are radiant this will be reflected in the galactic breath as you pass through crescent surfaces and parting waves toward the expanding light in which the swelling bubbles make each emotion indistinguishable. Aquamarine opportunities will be there to guide you quietly across the moments of sensory import.

Today, you will be conspicuous in all you do. The rising sun will notice your gaiety and lunar nodes will grace you with private affection while ripples of celestial dust will filter through even your most powerful resistances leading you to graze the effervescent flowerbeds of the tenth house. Even your smallest triumphs will prompt intimate communion with the floating pearl dark.

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