The Poetics of Infinity Revisited

The poetics of infinity revisited
is a tricked-out unicorn that rides
another tricked-out unicorn into eternity / a spontaneously obese rat
stewed with the stew of 2% horse meat off-cuts / a blobfish
boiling in the brine of a purulent personality / a simulation of an uninspired derivative instantly forgettable ugly useless
signifier / an oversized tangential narrative
lactated combusted regurgitated /

It is the drive-by shooting of a virtual reverie / the practice of the self
as the intersection of impersonal systems /
A twisting (e.)coli-de-scope / a neo-Buddhist heresy /
sifting / sorting / clippered / wringed /
Imitating the anaesthetising saturations of transnational capital /
A constellation of simultaneously engaged and
displaced transactions / Free flowing
continual irruptions / successive sublime
presences and cessations /
Erratic / erotic / spasmotic / (Jim Carrey?) / aquatic / catastrophic /
insomniotic / superfluotic / illuminotic /
It is the profanations that immortalized Sun Ra /
The derivations / modulations / imitations / instantiations spun out of the
flying centrifugal saxophone of Ornette Coleman /

It is the antiadministration laundromat of the actuarial social real /
Churning evaluations / conditions / problematisations / limitations /
Mineralizing surfactants by the minute /
Underscudding / eluding / lowriding / downplaying /
Sending gales of spew out into the galaxy for a greywater astrology /
Capturing the metaphysical edifice /
And always astonished by the political physiology of laughter